Desktop Menu - You can access pending registrations through the Child Management Menu, or through the Registration Alerts on the left side bar.  PENDING CHILD MENU


Mobile Menu - You can access pending registrations by mousing over or touching the menu option labeled, "Daily Operations" then "Child Management" then select “Pending".


Commonly, users will access ALL REGISTRATIONS to see all Pending Alerts. Each type of alert is accessible from this menu as well.

For desktop users, the Registration Alerts menu appears to the left and displays a live count of Pending Alerts. Affiliates should address Pending Alerts promptly and keep the numbers displayed inside the red boxes at zero.

*Remember, children with a pending status are NOT receiving books.

“Zero Is Your Hero” when it comes to Pending Alerts!

PARENTS EDIT - A Parents Edit Alert occurs when a parent edits their child’s mailing address via the Parent Login area. Because your approval is required, you must review the parent's edits and approve them before the child is placed back into ACTIVE status. This means, the child will not receive books until you have reviewed and approved the parent's edits.

POSSIBLE DUPLICATES - You receive a Possible Duplicates Alert when a child is registered (likely by a parent online) and the system detects an existing Child Record that is the same or closely similar to the newly register child. You will need to compare the flagged registration against the existing Child Record and either deny or approve. If the duplicate record is outside of your affiliate account, the BOS will provide the affiliate's contact information as needed.

TRANSFERS - A Transfers Alert is sent to you from another affiliate who has edited/updated a Child Record with a new address, which falls within YOUR coverage area. Example: The child is moving TO your coverage area.  

SEARCH/EDIT - The Search/Edit option under Child Management > Pending allows you to search for a Child Record that is in PENDING. Use any combination of fields including Child ID, Last Name, Middle Initial, First Name, Partial Last/First Name or Email.  This SEARCH/EDIT searches "PENDING" records where your main menu "SEARCH/EDIT" option searches for ACTIVE child records. 

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