Fundraising Ideas

          We are in the midst of an unprecedented event that has and will affect all of us in many ways. It is clear that the global economy will undergo significant volatility for some time. Nonprofit organizations are uniquely vulnerable.

          Your funding has most likely been affected. Thank you for coming up with creative ways to replace or supplement funding! Here are a few additional tips we hope you find helpful.

          *Reminder: per our agreement, please do not solicit parents or guardians of children enrolled in Dolly Parton's Imagination for fees or donations of any kind.

          Do NOT stop your fundraising. It is important to maintain your current fundraising plan; we suggest you do not cancel them - adjust them!

          • Resist the urge to cancel fundraising. Consider alternatives, including repurposing, repositioning (like a non-event event) or virtual event. Fundraising will shift to being much more virtual in the future. There are many sources on the internet to help you plan. Many affiliates have hosted successful virtual events, some raising more money than anticipated. Here is an example of a virtual event hosted by the Brantford Canada Affiliate:

          Due to the decreased social interactions, you will need to transform your communications to both donors and volunteers to keep them motivated. 

          • Increase connection to your community through the use of social media, local news story (print or tv), and/or create a newsletter. Highlight how the power of sharing books and literacy opportunities at home is perhaps more important now than ever.  Here are some Covid related talking points
          • Showcase the impact of DPIL on your community. 
          • It is a good time to reassess your social media plan especially message and frequency. 

          Look for grants everywhere 

          Share your Affiliate Profile Page with the New DPIL Donation Platform

          • When posting a donation request; find your Affiliate Profile Page on under AFFILIATE LOCATOR and go to your profile page and copy and paste the link address into your website or social pages.  The donor can DONATE directly to your affiliate using the DONATE button and this will ensure that the donation will go directly to YOUR affiliate account.

        Issue direct mail or e-appeals with updated messaging. Consider sending an emergency appeal email. 

        Focus on a multi-partner funding strategy by asking for smaller funding amounts from multiple donors. Places to look for funding in your town, county and state:

        • Community Foundations
        • Family Foundations
        • Religious Groups (Churches, Temples, service groups such as Knights of Columbus)
        • Wealthy individuals/philanthropist
        • Service Clubs and Organizations -  Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, Junior Leagues
        • Teachers Union, School Districts, Title 1 funds (DPIL meets requirements for Title 1), possible divert funds for ‘contact’ programs
        • Local Library, Friends of the Library

Possible Types of Businesses to Approach:

        • Local Industry and Businesses

        • Utilities

        • Oil/Gas

        • Communications/Newspaper/TV

        • Health Care

        • Retail

        • Insurance

        • Real Estate

        • College/University

        • Hospital

        • Financial/Bank/Wealth Manager

        • Architect/Contractors

        • Tech Industry

This is not the time to shut down, it’s the time to ramp up!  Remember, we’re living in a time where everyone feels helpless to an extent. You’re giving your donors an opportunity to give and to feel needed.

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