To ensure proper delivery of your books via the United States Post Office, you may use the following link to visit them online and SUBMIT a Change-Of-Address form:

Official Change-Of-Address Form USPS

You can change your address online for a $1.00 fee to USPS or you may print the Change-of-Address form on the payment screen and give it to your mail carrier or mail it in to avoid paying the $1.00 verification fee. In addition to these options, you may go to your post office and ask specifically for a MAIL FORWARDING CHANGE OF ADDRESS ORDER also known as a MOVER'S GUIDE. The USPS assigned form number is FORM 3575.

To print the form, complete all steps online, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the payment screen, there is an option -- in small print -- to print the form. See it indicated on the sample below:


If you are an affiliate, when you click to print the form, there is also an option to assist a family in updating their address.  Just check the box that you are assisting with an address change and it will ask for your contact information also.


*Please note: You have to fill out a separate form for each child (or person) with a different last name.  Example:  Jane Doe has 3 children; Sammy Doe, Eva Doe, and Anne Brown.  They would have to fill out 2 separate forms.  If Jane's children's last name were; Sammy Jones, Eva Carter, and Anne Brown then she would have to fill out 3 separate forms because everyone's last name are different. 

You can also view the U.S.P.S. FAQ section on Changes of Address by going HERE.

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