This video covers an overview of the new Child Management area within your BOS 3.0 and includes adding a new child registration, managing pending child alerts and searching/editing child records.

Adding A New Child


Mouse over or touch the menu option labeled "Child Management" then select "ADD."
On this screen, you will add the child's name and birth date and click GO.
When you click "GO," the BOS will validate the child's birth date eligibility and crosscheck their name against the database to ensure the child is not already registered within the system. Providing the child is within the required age range (0-5) and providing the child doesn't already exist in the BOS, you will be taken to step two to complete the registration.

*Note: Last Name appears first in this list to resemble printed registration forms commonly used by affiliates.

Upon clicking "GO" the system automatically searches for duplicates. If this child already exists within your BOS it will be flagged as such and you will be notified immediately. If no duplicates are detected the system will route you to the second and final step in Adding A Child.

Step 2




  1. Child ID: Once the new registration is completed and saved, this field will automatically populate with a unique ID# associated with this child's record.
  2. Assigned to: This field is automatically populated with your affiliate account information.
  3. Welcome Book: The Welcome Book field displays YES by default so all children will receive the Welcome Book as their first book. If the child you are entering has already received the Welcome Book, perhaps at a live registration event, you can change this field to NO so that the child will instead, receive an age-appropriate book.
  4. Last, Middle, First: Child's name fields are filled in from the previous step and cannot be changed since they have already been compared to the database to ensure the child isn't already registered.
  5. Gender: By default, this field is set to MALE. Be sure to set this field as needed.
  6. Parents 1 & 2: These fields are for adding parent first and last names. Only one parent's information is required. 
  7. Additional Information 1-4: These fields are optional and can be used for any number of reasons. Some affiliates use these fields to add additional information collected during registration (such as adding the name of the event the child was registered at). If you do not have a need for these fields, simply ignore them. 
  8. Phone: Add the parent's phone number when available. This field is optional. 
  9. Email: Add the parent's email address when available. This field is optional but highly recommended. 
  10. Address: These fields are for adding the mailing address for where the books will be mailed. 
  11. Secondary Address: Some affiliates collect a secondary address for use should they have mailing issues with a child's primary address. This field is optional. 
  12. Registration Date: This field is auto-populated with the date the registration is being added to the BOS. 
  13. Registration Type: "Regular" is a normal registration which is entered by affiliates via a printed registration form. "Hosp" is for affiliate programs that register children in the hospital when they are born. 
  14. Birth Date: This field is auto-populated using the child's birth date that was entered and validated during step one. 



  • Adding a parent's email address helps keep a more accurate and up-to-date BOS. Once you save this Child Record, the parent will automatically receive a welcome message with a username and login. This communication is essential for parents who might move, have inquiries about registering future siblings or need to reach out to the Imagination Library. It is also a great way to share your events, raise awareness and more.
  • Main Coordinators have a "MailChimp" option within their menu which allows them to create a MailChimp + BOS integrated account which gives them the ability to send newsletters to parents who add their email address to their child's registration.
    *Affiliates with less than 2000 parent accounts can email parents free of charge and larger affiliates can email for about 2 cents per email sent.




Pending Registration Alerts

The BOS 3.0 has a "Pending" area within your main menu as well as a "Pending Alerts" left menu for desktop users. These areas allow you to manage all child registrations in need of review. As a rule of thumb, always check the Pending areas upon logging into the BOS and address those needs! Remember, children with a pending status are NOT receiving books. Prompt attention to Pending items is imperative to timely book delivery.

CLICK HERE here for an in-depth review article and video of Pending Registration areas and features.

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