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What is an Enhanced Profile?

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2017 11:52PM EST
Your Enhanced Profile is a public page made specifically for your affiliate which is displayed via www.imaginationlibrary.com and contains the following information:
  • Your contact information
  • Active registration options
  • Social media links
  • Optional PayPal Donation button
  • Coverage Areas (See Editing Coverage Area for details on this section.)
  • Regional Director’s name and contact option
You can update this information within the Book Order System by logging in as a Coordinator.
Under Daily Operations select “Affiliates” then “Edit Profile.” 

Within the Edit Affiliate area you can edit the following:
  • *Affiliate Identification Information
  • *Registration Options
  • Contacts
  • Brochure/Return Address 
  • BOS Users Management
  • Bill-To
*Affiliate Identification Information and Registration Options both contain publicly displayed information.

The first section includes affiliate identification, contact information and social media information. Here, you can also type a description of your program. 

The second section contains registration types. From here, you can turn registration types ON/OFF and update the specific details of Mail In and On Location.
*Remember when updating the specific details of Mail In and On Location your saved updates will be automatically submitted for review which may take 24-48 hours. Only after your updates have been reviewed and approved may you return to your Enhanced Profile to turn registration types ON.
  • Online: This option allows viewers to register their child online via the official Imagination Library Registration Widget, which is available at imaginationlibrary.com and can also be embedded into any external website.
  • Mail In: This option provides viewers with a printable registration form and the mailing address for sending the form. Affiliate Coordinators can upload their own customized registration forms via their affiliate's Enhanced Profile area within the BOS.
  • On Location: This option provides viewers with the physical address needed to register their child at a specific location.

The fourth section has Primary and Additional Contact fields. 

The fifth section offers Brochure/Return Address info. 
Here you can edit the Tag Line fields. 

The sixth section has BOS User information. 

The seventh section is where you add Bill-To information. 

  1. You may not directly link a PDF document to your enhanced profile since these can contain viruses.
  2. You may instead upload a PDF registration document for approval.
  3. Your enhanced profile cannot contain language directly soliciting donations.
  4. Your enhanced profile cannot contain language of program closure or limitations.

If you would like for the PayPal buttons to appear submit the PayPal Button Code.
Under Daily Operations, select “Affiliates” then Paypal. The resulting page will include instructions on which links should be used along with the text box to paste the code provided by Paypal. Upon approval, it will show on your enhanced profile.

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