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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2013 03:36PM EDT
The Little Engine That Could™ books can be ordered from The Dollywood Foundation for use in promotional events and/or hospital participation. Cost and carton quantity are subject to change.

Order: An affiliate may request to purchase The Little Engine That Could™ books by contacting their Regional Director who will obtain all pertinent information including the shipping contact name, address, phone number, email address, billing contact name and email address, and quantity desired. Once the Regional Director has received the order, it will be forwarded for placement. Please remember that the books will be shipping via UPS and the shipping address cannot be a post office box.     

Quantity: The only minimum quantity requirement at this time is that they be in full cartons and that the order be for enough books to supply the affiliate’s needs for one year (see below beside “Frequency”). Currently there are 40 books per carton. Carton quantities are subject to change. Orders placed outside of full carton quantities will be filled with a quantity rounded up to the next full carton. 

Frequency: Please plan to place an order sufficient to accommodate the needs for at least one year. An affiliate wishing to purchase inventory for multiple years on one order is welcome to do so, however, we do ask for a maximum of one order per year per affiliate. This assists The Dollywood Foundation in being able to offer these quality resources with no storage, handling, processing, or other additional fees attached and keeps costs low and the program replicable for all affiliates, large or small.

Cost: Currently the cost of The Little Engine That Could™ books is $2.10 per book plus shipping. Cost is subject to change.  

Delivery: As with registration brochures, please allow no less than 4 weeks for delivery of The Little Engine That Could™ books. Yearly orders will be placed along with regular monthly orders which occur on the 1st the month. Please keep this timeline in mind when planning an event. Orders need to be received by 5:00pm (Eastern) on the last business day of any month to be included in the next book order – for delivery the following month’s books. Requests received after 5:00pm (Eastern) will be placed the following month.   

For example: 

Email requests for an order of The Little Engine That Could™ books received on January 30th before 5:00pm (Eastern) will be placed the first week of February and delivery will arrive approximately 4 weeks later. 
Email requests for an order of The Little Engine That Could™ books received on February 28th before 5:00pm (Eastern) will be placed the first week of March and delivery will arrive approximately 4 weeks after that.
Miscellaneous Information

It is important when registering a 4 year old child to check when he/she will turn 5 and how this coincides with your first book mailing. You would not want a child to receive no books or any type of acknowledgment. Simply take notice of the month the child will turn 5 and the time of the book order before registering that child in the BOS.

For example: 

If registering a child on January 25th, whose fifth birthday falls in the month of March, that child will receive a Welcome Book and then graduate out of the system.
If registering a child on January 25th, whose fifth birthday falls in the month of February, that child should not be registered as he/she is already too old and will not receive any books, but will simply be purged from the system. Remember, books are ordered one month in advance, so the February book order was already placed on January 2nd. The order you are now preparing for is the March delivery.
An affiliate may design their program in the newborn method that registers only that year’s newborn children. This means that when beginning, only children born in the current year would be eligible. The next year would include those children PLUS the children being born during that new year and continuing likewise, building the program over 5 years until all children under the age of 5 are registered. Locations such as the local hospital and women’s services offices would be vital allies in this approach.

An affiliate must declare if their program will be all-inclusive of all children under the age of 5 or grow registering only newborns each year. This declaration must be made before ordering brochures or any other promotional material and must be clearly stated in all documents and promotions.

Please note that the initial registration process is a large promotional undertaking having many registrations to enter at one time. After that initial period the registrations being received will slow and remain somewhat consistent from month to month. Also, it may take up to 3 – 4 years before 75% of the community is reached (70 - 80% is considered optimal anything above that is exceptional; although 100% is always the goal to set and strive for achievement).
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