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Total Books Mailed Report

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2014 10:53AM EST

The Total Books Mailed (TBM) report allows you to easily generate a visual, interactive report onscreen showing the total books mailed within a specified time period that directly corresponds with how long your affiliate program has been part of the BOS.
*Historical data is limited to January 2005. This is the time period in which the BOS first began saving historical monthly-process data for future reporting purposes.  

  1. Mouse over Reports from within your main menu.
  2. From there, choose Total Books Mailed.
  3. By default the report will load Current Year To Date (YTD).
  4. To generate a TBM Report for a specific time period, simply choose your beginning year and month and then your ending year and month.

    *Your report will not generated correctly without first choosing starting and ending years and MONTHS using your Period Filter box.
  5. Once your target period has been chosen, click Refresh total directly below with a blue arrow.

    *You may also click RESET to start over. 
  6. A screen with a circulating graphic (dots in a circle) will appear as your report is being generated.

    *According to your internet speed and according to how many years are included within your TBM Report, this could take as long as a couple minutes.
  7. As your report generates, each year within your time period will appear onscreen with a bit of a bouncing animation and when 100% complete, the circulating loading graphic will disappear.
  8. You will notice that your report has the TBM number stacked on the left and your months and years spread across the top. Using your mouse, you can actually interact with the report to gain even more information. 

    *Using a mouse, you can even left click to draw/select a portion of the total time period and the report will zoom in for you. For some, this is a quicker, more precise way of drilling down for deeper data. 
  9. Immediately beneath the report graphic, you will see the TOTAL COUNT which represents the total number of books mailed for your chosen time period.
  10. Finally, beneath the report graphics, you will also see Download CSV. This option allows you to download a list of your entire chosen time period separated out by months within the time period.

    *The CSV also includes the TOTAL COUNT.
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