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Updated USA Child Edit - Add Areas

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 09:08AM EST
For 2014, your Add Child and Edit Child screen have been upgraded in an effort to save time, clicks and keystrokes. 
The following screenshots will guide you through the updated process of editing a child's record.

  1. Enter the child's Last Name, Middle Initial and First Name
  2. Enter the child’s birth date
  3. Click GO – When you click GO, the BOS will check the child’s name and birth date against the records currently in the BOS to help ensure the child is not a duplicate and to ensure that the child meets the age requirements.
  4. Welcome Book – By default is set to YES. This means that the BOS will send the child a welcome book as their very first book.
    *After the child receives their welcome book, the BOS automatically changes the YES to NO.
    *If you had a registration event where you gave children a welcome book at the time of registration, you should set this from YES to NO.
  5. Gender – By default, gender is set to MALE. Please change if the child you are registering is a FEMALE.
  6. Parent Names – The BOS requires that you enter at least one parent’s first and last name.
    *If you have both parents’ names, you should enter them.
  7. Additional Information – These 4 fields are added for your use and are optional. Some affiliates use these fields to add information that can be used for reporting later but again, these fields are not required.
  8. Email – Now, more than ever, adding a parent’s email address to the child’s profile is extremely important although not required. By adding a valid email address to the child’s record, your parents will be more informed and this alone will drastically reduce parent complaints and inquiries coming into your organization.
  9. Phone – This field is also optional but recommended. Having a valid email is best but having a valid phone as a backup option will help you make contact with parents should you have issues with the child’s profile.
  10. Address – Here according to what country the child lives in, you will enter the child’s address information and postal code. In all countries, when the post code is entered, your BOS will automatically populate the related information once you click the tab key.
  11. In USA, you should click “Check Address to verify that the data you are entering matches what is on file with the USPS.
  12. Secondary Address – This field is rarely used but for those who use it, it is very important. If you have an additional (backup) address for a child this is where you need to enter that information.
  13. Registration Type – By default, this is set to Regular but if your organization is part of a Hospital registration program, you can change this to meet your need. If you have a parent register their child online, this field is automatically marked in your BOS as an Online Registration (OREG).
  14. Once all information has been entered, you can click “Save & Exit” if this was the only registration you have to enter or “Save & New” if you would like to save the child’s record and move on to add another registration.
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