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BOS API Basics

Last Updated: May 15, 2015 09:22AM EDT
*BOS API 1.0 is a pilot program and is not currently available to DPIL affiliates. If you are interested in implementing the API in the near future, please submit a support ticket.

The DPIL BOS V1.0 API is for expert programmers only. The documentation provided will allow expert programmers to integrate limited BOS functionality into nearly any external CMS or application. Currently the available API functions include:

  1. Child Registration:  

    1. Coverage Area Validation

    2. Address Verification

    3. Age Verification

    4. De-Duplication Tool

    5. Parent Account Setup Tool

  2. Child Data Access: Affiliates using the BOS API also have access to historical data. This data can be used in many different ways such as building reports for specific needs within the organization.


Things to consider as an affiliate using the BOS API:

  1. All pages, fields and forms that host the BOS API must be protected via a 256bit SSL encryption. This must first be setup within the page/pages where the BOS API will be hosted, before being granted API access.

  2. All calls to the BOS API are required to be done so via a secured connection. Unsecured calls will be denied access.

  3. A separate “Terms & Conditions” policy must be preapproved by the Dollywood Foundation and must be put in place at the top of your registration form, below the title and/or sub title, which clearly defines how and why you (the affiliate organization) will capture, secure and store any and all data collected via the BOS API.
    *The terms must also allow for a child to be transferred away from your affiliate account and notate that should the record be transferred, the parent must accept and adhere to new terms and conditions for the accepting affiliate.

  4. A separate “Privacy Policy” must be preapproved by the Dollywood Foundation and must put in place which clearly defines how you (the affiliate organization) will secure, store and share any and all data collected via the BOS API. This should immediately follow your “Terms & Conditions” or, at minimum, be linked within them.
    *The privacy policy must also allow for a child to be transferred away from your affiliate account and notate that should the record be transferred, the parent must adhere to the new privacy policy for the accepting affiliate.

  5. Both the “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” must appear at the top of your registration form, be clearly visible, easy to understand and easy to decline and/or agree to. To see an example of how to best display your terms, visit https://usa.imaginationlibrary.com/register_my_child.php.

  6. A clear notice to parents registering within your site must be posted within the page of your public-facing registration form that indemnifies the Dollywood Foundation of any and all harm that may come to any person or persons registered within your form at anytime and for any reason.

  7. BOS Access & Limitations: Although affiliates that use the BOS API will continue to have access to the BOS administration areas, some features will function differently. This is to ensure all parents registering their children via an API affiliate’s program, agree to that organization’s pre approved Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
    Limitations include:

    1. API Affiliates cannot manually register a child within the BOS. All registrations must come through the approved registration form which uses the BOS API.

    2. API Affiliates are encouraged to utilize the integrated MailChimp BOS feature for communicating to their parents.

    3. API Affiliates will have access to standard downloads and reporting.

    4. API Affiliates are responsible for all registration intake forms and must get pre approval from the Dollywood Foundation before deployment of such forms.

    5. API Affiliates can edit a child’s record and should the edit cause the transfer option to be presented, the affiliate can initiate the transfer, assuming the Dollywood Foundation is covered within the API Affiliate’s pre approved T&C and PP.

    6. Children can be transferred in and out out of a BOS API affiliate’s account only if a separate, pre approved T&C and PP are in place to display.  

Should a parent edit their child’s address to reflect an address covered by an API Affiliate, this parent will be presented with a special notice:


Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is available in your family’s new community through our partners, [affiliate org name]. 
‚ÄčIf you would like to transfer your child to [Affiliate Org Name], please read and accept their separate USER AGREEMENT..
**This would then present a radio button and a link that would open your terms & privacy policies together within one secure page hosted by you. To initiate the transfer, they must accept those terms.
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