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Imagination Library Registration Types

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2016 09:29AM EST
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library provides three registration types. Affiliate Coordinators may choose to allow any of the three types, all three or any combination of the three.
*A minimum of one registration type must be turned ON at all times for operating affiliates.

The three registration types available are:
  1. Online Registration Online: This option allows viewers to register their child online via the official Imagination Library registration widget, which is available at http://imaginationlibrary.com and can also be embedded into any external website.
    *Incoming Online Registrations are added to your Pending Child area for review and must be approved before books are mailed. Pending Registrations will show in your Urgent Alerts window under the Pending Registration section.
  2. Mail In Registration Mail In: This option provides you with the ability to upload a printable registration form in PDF format via your Enhanced Profile area, which can be downloaded, printed and mailed in by parents to an address you specify.
  3. On Location RegistrationOn Location: This option allows you to provide viewers with the physical address needed to register their child at a specific location. The physical address and hours of operation must be submitted via your Enhanced Profile area before this registration type can be turned on.
    *If you have multiple registration locations, please only enter your primary registration address and add additional location information via your affiliate description within your Enhanced Profile area.

To edit your registration types, login to your BOS as a Coordinator and access any of the following areas:

1: Enhanced Profile: To edit registration types from your Enhanced Profile, follow these steps:
  1. Login as a Coordinator
  2. Go to the Coordinator menu
  3. Choose Enhanced Profile.
    Enhanced Profile
  4. While Online registration can be easily turned ON or OFF by clicking the icon you will first need to update the information in the fields provided in order to turn Mail In and/or On Location ON.
    Registration Options
  5. After you have added Address information you will need to verify by clicking Check Address. This box will turn Green once it is validated.
  6. When you have updated all the necessary fields click Update to save your changes.
    *Make all your updates at once because saved changes will be sent to an administrator for review before any other changes can be made to the Enhanced Profile. (This may take 24-48 hours).
    Update Notice
  7. Once your updates have been approved, log in to your Enhanced Profile and select registration types you wish to turn ON by clicking an icon. Use the checkboxes to turn ON/OFF registration types. Remember to click Save to keep your changes.
    Note: After you click OK to allow the system to change the Registration Status of ALL the coverage areas you may experience a small delay. The Enhanced Profile will reflect your changes after it refreshes.
    *Green icons indicate an active registration type.
    Registration Types

    **All changes must be approved by the BOS administration. Affiliates will be notified of via email once their changes have been reviewed.

2: Affiliate List: To edit registration types from your Affiliate List, follow these steps: 
  1. Login as a Coordinator
  2. Go to Coordinator in the menu and select Affiliates.
    Affiliate List
  3. From the Affiliate List, you can select registration types using the icons.
    *Mail In and On Location information must be updated from the Enhanced Profile first.
    Registration Methods**Green icons indicate an active registration type.

3: Coverage Area (blue globe/earth):
  1. Login as a Coordinator
  2. From your main menu select Affiliates.
  3. Click on the globe icon.Coverage Area Icon
  4. Within the Coverage Area list, choose Edit Coverage for the specific area you want to update.
  5. Finally, edit the registration types using the checkboxes within each set coverage area.
    *Mail In and On Location information must be updated from the Enhanced Profile first.
    **To edit registration types for all of your set coverage areas at once, you may do so using options one (Enhanced Profile) and/or two (Affiliate List) mentioned above.
    Affiliate List Registration Types***For registration types to show to the public, you must first set your Coverage Area. Click here for help with setting your Coverage Area.
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