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Parent Accounts

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017 10:53AM EST
General Information:

Parent Accounts provide parents/grandparents/legal guardians the ability to login and access information and features such as:
  1. Child Status – Allows parents/grandparents to see if their child is currently receiving books or not.
  2. Edit Address – This feature allows the parents/grandparents to edit their child’s address. Once they have made edits, the child goes into your BOS Pending Child area so that you can review and approve any changes before they go live.
  3. Affiliate Info – Each child a parents/grandparents has registered also has a link associated with it that allows the parents/grandparents to click and easily see the local program that pays for the books (that’s you).
  4. Books Mailed – Parents/grandparents can click to see the titles mailed each month as well as the dates each title was mailed.
  5. Group Explanation – This helps parents/grandparents understand which group their child or children might be in so they know which book to expect.

Parent Account Setup:

To create an account for a parent, simply go to their child's record and add the parent's valid email address. Once you SAVE the edits, an account is automatically created and the account information is emailed to the parent within 10 minutes.
  1. If the parent has more than one child registered, be sure to add their email address to each child registered. Doing this will allow the parent access to all of their children within the same account (the first child you add the parent's email address to becomes the parent account).   
  2. When adding the parent's email address to a new registration, everything stated above and below still applies. Once you add their email address during the registration and click to save the record, providing the email address isn't marked as invalid, the parent will receive a welcome email if it's their first registered child and if it is not their first, they will receive a notice their additional child has been registered. 

Quick Tips:
  1. When adding a parent's email to a child's account, you must click "Check Email" to ensure the email has not already been marked as bad or doesn't exists in some other portion of the BOS that's outside of your database. 
  2.   The red "X" notates a bad address. Our mail sending system tells us when an email delivery fails. When that happens (within 72 hours), your BOS marks the email as bad with the red "x."
  3. The green check mark notates the email address is good and our attempt to deliver an email to them was successful. 
  4. No X or check mark simply means we don't have any history to show yet. 
  5. The circle arrow icon allows you to initiate a password recovery email. Simply click it and a new password is sent to the parent's email address. 
  6. The timer icon notates the history of a particular user's password recovery requests. If the parent or another member of your BOS has initiated a password recovery for the parent, simply mouse over this icon to see that information. You will also be able to see if the password recovery email delivery was successful or not. If it was not successful, the parent must provide an alternate, valid email address.  
  7. MailChimp: All parent accounts with valid email addresses will be included within your BOS MailChimp account within the list called "DO NOT EDIT." Please, do not edit this list at anytime. 


I can’t access my account
  1. Make sure that the email on file is a valid email that the parent has access to. This is most always the issue if a parent comes to you for help. If they have given you an email address that is no good or that they can’t access then this means we can’t send their account info and if they tried to reset their password, without a valid email address, the system can’t send them a new password.
Tips on how we handle an account-access inquiry
  1. Password Reset – First, to identify the user and ensure against fraud, we require that the user come to us via the email address on file for them. If their email address does not match the email address in the child's profile and you don't know them personally, you should not give them parent account access. Providing that the parent's email address matches that email address on record for the child, simply click the password reset icon in the child's profile to automatically send a password recovery email to the parent. 
  2. Password Recovery Email Deliver - If the parent says to you that they never received the password recovery email, check the child's profile (edit screen), place your finger or mouse over the blue timer icon to see if the delivery was successful. If it was, then you should direct the parent to check their junk/spam email folder. If it was not successfully delivered or if the parent is still unable to locate the password recovery email, the only other option you have is to have the parent provide an alternate, valid email address and restart the password recovery process. 
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