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Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 10:00AM EDT



*In this tutorial, we are logged in as a Data Clerk. According to your user type, some of your menu options may be a bit different. 

Bulletin Board Review

Your BOS 3.0 Bulletin Board serves as your main source of important information shared via the Dollywood Foundation and Support Central. Upon logging in, always check your Bulletin Board for urgent messages and pending child records. Watch the video tutorial above for a brief overview of your Bulletin Board and find a breakdown of content and features within your Bulletin Board below.

Support IconSupport Central

Find a link to Support Central using the question mark in the top right. After visiting Support Central, return to the Bulletin Board by clicking the X at the top right.


User MenuUsername Menu

Your Username will display beside an icon which reflects your user type such as Data Clerk. Use this drop-down menu to edit your profile and Logout when finished.


Main MenuMain Menu

The Main Menu located on the left allows access to Reports and Child Management. See related articles: Reporting Overview and Pending Child Management


DPIL Logo - Click to go homeImagination Library Logo

The Imagination Library Logo will take you to the Home screen no matter where you are in the BOS.


Registration Alerts - Sidebar MenuRegistration Alerts

This area alerts users of pending registrations and other updates that need attention. These visual reminders show pending needs in real time and should be handled as soon as possible.


Active Children - Sidebar MenuActive Children

The number of active children is displayed here. Users can Add a Child or Search/Edit a Child Record from this area.


Collapsible Sidebar Menu Collapsible Menu

A collapsible menu allows you to minimize the Logo, Registration Alerts and Active Children. This feature is handy to enlarge your workspace once pending alerts are resolved.


Page TitleTitle

When navigating through the BOS 3.0 system, your location will be displayed on the Title bar. In this example, it shows Bulletin Board. This title will change depending on where you are in the BOS.


YTD Registrations
Year-To-Date Registrations

Year-to-Date (YTD) Registrations is visible on Tablets and Desktops. It is a visual report displaying current registrations for the year, broken down by month. The report is dynamic in that users can zoom in on particular areas.  


Tickers - Urgent AlertsTickers - Urgent Alerts

Critical updates and the latest news will display in yellow-highlighted orange text near the top of your page.
*According to your mobile device, you may not see tickers. If that's the case, please refer to your bulletin board.

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