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Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 02:49PM EDT


The video (above) provides an overview of your BOS 3.0 REPORTS AREA. The content (below) provides a step-by-step explanation of those reporting features.

Book Counts

The Book Counts report produces a report which contains the total of all books mailed within any chosen date range. These totals are also broken down by book type and by group. Once the report has been generated, it is displayed onscreen via a table of data and a visual chart. The report can also be downloaded as a data spreadsheet.
Steps To Follow:

  1. From your Main Menu, choose Reports + Book Counts.
  2. Select your desired From and To dates using Year then Month.
  3. Click RESULTS.

Results will be displayed by Group, Type, Month/Year, Mnemonic Key (a special key assigned to all affiliates) and Province/State/District (depending on your country).

Book Counts Report


*Note: According to your device type, your onscreen report may display fewer fields than are actually available to accommodate for screen size limitations.

Download Icon and New Report Icon

Download Report

A download arrow appears at the top right of the report. Downloaded reports are formatted into spreadsheet which mirrors the information displayed inside the BOS.  

New Report

The Plus icon at the top right will allow you to begin a new report.



Child Lists

The Child Lists Report generates a complete list of records for your current, active registrations.
Generate Child ListSimply click Go to generate the report.

Download Child ListDownload when it’s ready. Reports are formatted into a spreadsheet.



Child Summary

Affiliate Child Summary

This report displays a summary of how many children are in your BOS. It is sorted by Registration Type. A download arrow appears at the top right of the report. Downloaded reports are formatted into a spreadsheet.


Graduate Date

This report shows children who have graduated within the last 12 months. Privacy regulations prevent the Imagination Library from holding child data for longer than 12 months.
*Note: First and Last names of children are removed from this report and cannot be recovered.


Graduate Data - Generate Report
Click GENERATE REPORT to generate the Graduate data report. 

Click RESET to generate a new report.

Download Graduate DataClick DOWNLOAD to download the compiled report. 


Total Books Mailed

Total Books Mailed


  • Use the blue ADD FILTER button to filter your report by data range.
  • Use the red CLEAR ALL button to start over.
  • Use the green GET RESULTS button to generate your report.
  • Use the dark blue DOWNLOAD button to download your report results via a spreadsheet format.

*MENU NOTE - According to the type of device being used to access the BOS 3.0, your Main Menu will be displayed differently. Tablet and Mobile Phone users will see a “Hamburger Icon" which displays as three flat bars stacked at the top left of the screen. Desktop users will see the Main Menu displayed as text options located near the top center of the page.



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