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Canada - National Change of Address

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2016 02:38PM EDT
Starting with the October 2016 mailing, we are running each address through Canada Post's National Change of Address Mover Database (NCOA). This will provide information on non-deliverable addresses and addresses with forwards and move updates that are on file with Canada Post.  

Here’s how the process works behind the scenes:
  1. The Dollywood Foundation generates the Pre-Monthly Process file which is sent to our fulfillment center in Canada.
  2. The fulfillment center processes that month’s file through the Canada Post NCOA Mover Database which provides details on Move Updates, Undeliverable Addresses, etc.
  3. The fulfillment center securely provides these address details back to the Dollywood Foundation.  We, in return, move the children affected to the new NCOA Pending area for you to review and process as you see fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I access the NCOA Pending area?

A: You can access it by clicking on the red NCOA Pending icon on the main page or through the Coordinator/Data Clerk menu->Children->Pending.

Q: What do I do if the address provided is outside my coverage area?

A: If you want to continue mailing books, simply update the address and save to make them active in the system.  If you do not want to continue mailing books, delete the record from the BookOrder System.  It would be appropriate to contact the parent and let them know why the books will stop coming.

Q: Are the parents notified?

A: Yes, When the system reopens after the Monthly Process we send an email notice to the accounts that were affected and that have an email on file.  This message just relays there may be an address issue and asks the parent to please contact the affiliate to review the record.

Q: Where does this NCOA Mover Data come from?

A: NCOA Mover Data is provided by Canada Post.

Q: What information is used to match up records to the NCOA Mover Database?

A: The parent 1 name along with the mailing address.

Q: How often is this done?

A: Monthly.  

Q: Do you mail to records who are flagged by the NCOA process?

A: Yes & No, If a new address is provided we do mail to that address then move to pending.  This ensures that no more books are mailed until the affiliate can make a decision.  If the address is not deliverable, we do not mail a book and the affiliate is not invoiced for that book or postage.

Q: How far back does the NCOA Mover Database check?

A: The NCOA Mover Database contains over 11 million records with 6 years of history
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