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Registration Channels, Pending Registrations, Coverage Areas, Automated Messaging

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2017 02:46PM EDT

The following article covers Registration Channels, Pending Registrations, Coverage Areas and Automated Messaging. 

Registration Channels:

Each affiliate has the option of turning on and off the following registration channels:

  1. Online: This option allows parents to register their child online.
  2. On-Location: This option allows affiliates to designate a location for parents to visit in order to register their child. 
  3. Mail In: This option allows parents to download a registration form online, print it, fill it out and then mail it to an address you specify. 
    *A minimum of one registration option must always be turned on for all operating affiliates.  
As the Main Coordinator of an affiliate, you can easily turn on/off these registration channels via your BOS. From your main menu, choose Affiliates/Edit Profile (see below)

From the "Edit Affiliate" screen, scroll down to the "Registrations Options" and click any/all of the 3 icons to turn on/off any of the 3 registration channels. 

Once you have turned a channel on, you will be given additional options to finalize your choice and save your settings. 

When an affiliate turns on the Online option, all registrations that come in are sent to the "Pending Registrations" area of your BOS and can be seen via your main menu and your  "Registration Alerts" sidebar menu (shown below).

Pending Registrations:

There are multiple reasons for a child's record to be added to pending. They are as follows:

  1. Delete Requests: When a child is moving away from your covered area into another affiliate's coverage area, the receiving affiliate can request that you delete a child's record. this happens when the receiving affiliate has already added the child and they have already started receiving book only to realize your affiliate is also sending free books to the family. 
  2. NCOA: In America and Canada, there is a special process that happens during the monthly process called "NCOA" (National Change of Address). This process scans all registration records and flags any with address issues. Any records that are flagged are added to your "Pending NCOA" area so that you can work with the family to correct their address before the next process. 
  3. Parents Edit: Any records in the "Parents Edit" section are those where the parents have updated their child's information.
  4. Possible Duplicates: When a child is added to the BOS and triggers our de-duplication tool, they will be flagged and added to this area. 
  5. Transfers: When a child moves from one affiliate's area to yours, they are sent to your pending "Transfers" area for you to review and approve. 

**All of the areas mentioned should be cleared each month before the monthly process. 

Coverage Areas:

Coverage Areas represent the geographical area in which you wish to make Dolly Parton's Imagination Library available. While some affiliates choose to bring the program to the families within one postcode, others choose multiple cities or localities.

**It is important that, as the Main Coordinator, you always keep your coverage areas updated. 

When logged in as the Main Coordinator, navigate to "Coverage Areas' from your main menu as shown below:

From there you can easily edit, delete and add to your coverage area is it is set currently. 

To add a new coverage area, click the "+" icon in the upper right to get to the "Add Coverage" screen (below):

Once you've made the selections that best work for you, simply save your settings. 

Automated Messaging: 

It is very important to note that the entire BOS has a complex level of automated processes. One of the most important to note is the "Automated Messaging." For the areas specifically discussed within this article, let's review the automated messaging associated with each area.

  1. Parents: When you or any of your associates have approved or denied an child's record within your "Pending Registrations" areas, if that record has a parent's email address on file, the BOS will send that parent an instant notification to give them an update of your actions. 
    So if you approved a new registration, the parent is told that their child has been approved and when to expect their books to begin. 
  2. Champion Alerts: As of late 2017, there are more than 500,000 parents waiting to register their child to receive books. These parents live in areas that currently do not offer Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. When they try to register they are told it is not available and the are given the option to be notified should it become available. If you, as the Main Coordinator of your affiliate, add a new "area" to your Coverage Area" and that new area has parents pending notification, the BOS will send those parents a notice to let them know they can now register for the program. 

    *When adding a new coverage area within your BOS, you can now see how many parents/children are awaiting notification. 
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