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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2012 09:39AM EST
Frequently Asked Questions About Mailchimp
Getting Started
·         Where should I start?
·         Do you offer online training?
·         I can’t log in.
·         I can’t connect to Facebook.
·         I want to send to just part of my list.
Billing and Pricing
·         Does the free plan ever expire?
·         Monthly pricing versus pay-as-you-go—which is better?
·         What’s your refund policy?
·         How do pay-as-you-go credits work?
·         Why did my monthly billing change?
·         Do you offer nonprofit discounts?
·         What kind of templates does MailChimp offer?
·         Can I use my own template instead?
·         How do I create a template?
·         How do I edit a template?
·         How do I import a template?
·         Can I export templates?
·         What kind of reports are available in MailChimp?
·         Can I print my reports?
·         Can I download a file with combined campaign reports?
·         Can I share reports with clients without showing them my account or the MailChimp logo?
·         Why do I have to use your unsubscribe link?
·         Why was my unsubscribe rate so high?
·         Can my unsubscribe link go anywhere in my campaign?
·         How do I manually unsubscribe someone from my list?
·         How can I stop getting subscribe and unsubscribe notifications?
Merge Tags
·         Where should I start with merge tags?
·         How do I test to see if my merge tags are working correctly?
·         What are groups and why would I want to set them up?
·         How can I add groups to my lists and signup forms?
·         How do I delete a group?
·         How many groups can I add to my list?
·         How do I create an autoresponder?
·         Why isn't my autoresponder being sent?
·         Why can't I send an autoresponder immediately after signup?
·         What the heck is an API?
·         Where can I find my API key?
·         How do I get help from the API team?
·         How do I add a Facebook signup form to my Facebook page?
·         How do I send a Facebook event campaign to my subscribers?
·         How do I delete Facebook comments from my campaign archive?
·         How do I disconnect the Facebook integration?
Explore the Knowledge Base
Browse by Topic
·         Account Settings and Info
·         API
·         Autoresponders
·         Custom Templates & Language
·         Billing and Pricing
·         Campaigns
·         Deliverability
·         General Questions
·         MailChimp Mobile Apps
·         Integrations
·         Lists
·         Merge Tags
·         Reports and Tracking
·         Rules, Terms and Policies
·         Social Media
·         Security
Popular Support Articles
·         Email Campaign Testing Tips
·         What’s the difference between hard and soft bounces?
·         How do you determine member-activity ratings?
·         Why can’t I import a role based address into my list?
·         How can I finish setting up my account if I don’t have a website?
·         Having problems uploading or importing your list?
·         How To Code HTML Emails
·         What’s the best way to get started with MailChimp?
·         Can I use my list in MailChimp?
·         How to disable pop-up blockers in your browser.
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