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Book Delivery Checklist

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2013 11:52AM EDT
The following is a checklist of potential reasons that a child may not be receiving his or her Imagination Library books. Please check through the list to determine the reason the book is undeliverable. The books generally arrive the last week of the month. If after you have eliminated all the possibilities and the situation cannot be corrected, please contact your Regional Director for assistance.
 1. Did the family move and neglect to give the affiliate the new mailing address?
2. Has the child's information been entered correctly in the database?
3. Is the address correct within the guidelines of the NCOA? For ways to ensure that the United States Postal Service has the correct name and address information for your child, please check Situations for USPS Form 3575
4. When was the child entered into the database? If it was after the 5th of the month the child will not receive a book until the last week of the following month.
5. Have you checked the websites (www.imaginationlibrary.com) bulletin board to see if the book for that child has been delayed in its delivery?
6. Is December the month in which the book is missing? Because the Imagination Library books are mailed bulk delays happen in December due to first class holiday cards and packages. The books will be delivered as soon as the postal carrier has the time/room in his/her schedule.
7. Has the parent spoken with the postal carrier/post office about the missing book? Has the family had an issue with other missing mail? 
8. Is there a new postal carrier on the route? 
9. Does the family live in an apartment where the books are too large to fit in the mail slots? Are the books left on top/below the mail boxes where someone else may have picked up the book?
10. Does the family live in a rural area where there is a row of mailboxes? Could someone have taken the book from the mailbox?
11. Did the child turn 5?
12. If you have a PO Box is the child listed to be on it?
13. If you have a PO Box did you put in your home address for a delivery rather than the PO Box?
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