How do I update or edit my affiliate contact information?

Lots of the information on your BOS profile page will appear on the Imagination Library website. Keep this up to date to make sure families can get in touch with questions or parents can register their children.  

This information can be updated by following the steps listed below. Once updates have been submitted by you and reviewed by The Dollywood Foundation within 24-48 hours.  

  1. Login to the Book Order System at
    *You must be a Main Coordinator to make these changes.

  3. Edit your information:
The following information appears on the Imagination Library website, so please make sure it is correct and update as much as you can:
●Community Name (please make sure this is the most accurate description of your Imagination Library program)
●Contact details of your main contact
●Social Media and Website Links
●Any details in the free text description box

On this page you can also:
●Update registration options, including uploading your registration form to allow families to download and post it to you (Registration Options – Mail In Section)

●Add tag lines to the book labels each month (Brochure/Return Address Section) 

4. Click “Update” to save your changes *Note: Once you have made changes in this area, you may not edit further until the system administrator has reviewed and approved these changes.

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