Why is this not available in my area?

Thank you for reaching out and for your support of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. In order for a program to be available in a community, we must have a local partner to cover the book and mailing cost for a specific geographic area. All other administrative expenses (overhead, selection of books, database, publisher negotiations, and fulfillment of the over 2 million books mailed monthly to five countries) are covered by Dolly and the Foundation. By having the overhead expenses covered, all of the money raised locally goes straight back into the community and allows more children to receive books each month. We are growing every single day, so the program may become available in your community soon!  

If you would like to be notified if a program does become available in your area, please visit our Check Availability page and enter your information. If there is no current coverage area, it will give you the option to fill out the New Program Alert. This will allow funders to see how many parents and children are interested in starting a program in your area. You will also be notified by email if and when a program becomes available. 

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