BOS Integrated MailChimp List – DO NOT EDIT

When creating a BOS MailChimp integrated account, the BOS and MailChimp automagically create a list of users called “DO NOT EDIT.”

This “DO NOT EDIT” list is then used by your BOS and MailChimp to communicate with each other behind the scenes via a secured connection called an API to automagically keep subscribers in sync within both systems.

If this list is edited, the two systems can no longer communicate which means your BOS subscribers and your MailChimp subscribers will begin to get out of sync with each other. If this happens, it cannot be corrected without the help of our advanced programming team. When our advanced programming team is called in to assist with correcting the “DO NOT EDIT” list because the list has been edited, the affiliate holding the account will be quoted a cost to repair the communications between the BOS and MailChimp.

To avoid this happening, please, “DO NOT EDIT” this list.

BOS MailChimp users can add as many additional lists as needed and those lists can be edited as needed.  
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